What if Corporal Punishment does help ? 

Many people have argued that corporal Punishment is the best way to raise children ; Does it really help ? Or it’s just in people’s mind . Many parents have stated that children can see the result of what they did and see what they did wrong and the actual punishment . Other punishments can be a lot more psychologically damaging or humiliating ; It is usually effective and easily t remembered by any kid .Parents who love their children have no intentions of hurting them yet ; they punish kids so hard that it is seem like it .Corporal punishment can be stop and parents can find a better way of raising their kids without hurting the kids ; one of the best way is to give kids other punishments that don’t include beating , spanking and slapping kids is not the solution therefore communicating with kids will not only help the parents getting close to me them but it would make the kids more comfortable talking to their parents instead of just having a mother daughter relationship. Boot camp is one of the other way to teach kids good lessons on how to be discipline , respectful and great attitude. Sometimes children needs tough love and discipline and it is better to start at a young age maybe if parents start teaching kids what is right from wrong at a young age they have better chance of keeping the good habits and keeping that good behavior . Parents sometimes can’t handle the pressure of having young kids especially teens so sending them to boot camp will show them discipline from others perspective for example a guard or someone and school just because parents might give it to easy at home so the respect won’t be there ; however corporal punishment is not the solution and will never bring the child back the way it was. According to Samsarma ”we observed pounding animal and think that is cruel ; pounding an adult is crime and pounding a kid is even worse ”. Child pounding is usually considered right for most parents and teachers and those people are not yet educate about corporal punishment therefore the practice of corporal punishment in school is totally contradict what they teach kids In schools .She stated ” 24 countries of the world have already legally banned corporal punishment at home either ”. In this society school have a role to play in the process of transforming kids to young adults and making better decisions , parents also have a lot to do with how kids act and there is no reason why they should be beating and abuse for something that they didn’t learn or even know the consequences to it . Corporal punishment is not the solution , it is not right and it will never be some people say ; yet but what if corporal punishment did help kids , how can we make it more helpful and less abusive? 


”Mete ou ajenou”(get on your knees)

My mother: ”mete ou ajenou”( get on your knees)

Me” kisa mwen fe ”(what did i do )

A lot of Haitians parents put their children on their knees sometimes in the sun for many hours ; this is a form of corporal punishment . I remember growing up this was no exception because my mother did it to me every day it was like i was a slave ever since i was five years old .In the Haitian culture when you were told to get on your knees it always means that soon you will get the worse beating of your life .I was no stranger to this lifestyle , yet i did believe that my mother loved me she was just blinded by the old ways of raising children .Many people believe that communication and explaining life to children is the best way to stop them from the evil world ; which is the most accurate and educating styles of parenting . I am anti corporal punishment it is the most staggering a parent can do towards children , whether it’s by love,  anger , or depression no child should have to go trough that . I grew up with such fury towards my mother because she choose to beat me every single time instated of telling me what is what or wrong . I analyzed a lot of parenting style in addition in my own home , my family members and other people lives ; therefore i will never stop expressing my opinion about corporal punishment .Many may confess that physical actions are more effective on children yet there are to blind to realize that sooner or later whoever gets abuse will become abusing. Some kids are afraid of meeting new people because they don’t know what to expect or should i say they fear that everyone are  insulting

Discipline vs punishment

imageEver since I was two years old my mother would beat me with belts and hangers till I feel bad for whatever I did wrong . My family members were ok with that because this is how we all were raised and growing up in Haiti beating kids was just discipline ; I am so glad that my mother didn’t have enough anger to kill me like this woman did to her child who is only 3 years old . Corporal punishment still exist all over the world , parents with anger problems or having too much stress also turn out to be very aggressive when it comes to their kids ; many people think that a little beating and smaking only help a kid to become better. However they seem to forget that when a kid get use to violence several negative impact can come along for example ; being very distant and unhappy , having so much anger and hate for parents and even having fear meeting new people . This woman name Tylesha Griffin beats her 3 year old son to death , the toddler had a big gaping wound on his left arm , a chipped tooth and patches of hair missing . They claimed that this woman found her son laying down in bed half dead yet she called the police 11 hours after , why didn’t she call the police right away ? Why she let her son die ? I believe this was an excuse for her not to end up in jail , I believe that she killed her own son and she needs to go to jail for her crime . That should be a lesson for all mothers out here who is beating their kids out of anger , and one day those kids might end up dead just like Dornell . One thing that I still can’t figure out why does this woman who killed a baby has a bail bond and still haven’t been sentenced ; this government is out of control , this government is a joke . This woman claimed that her son was occasionally dicplined with a belt ? Here comes with that discipline excuse again ; parents needs to understand that discipline and punishment are not the same for example if a two year old insists on throwing items on the floor calmly explain the consequences if he doesn’t stop . Now the kid will understand and will stop before you have to hit or beat them , on the other hand parents who screams and hit the child for the same behavior that is considered punishment or should I say abuse . Good parents communicate and and think about teaching a child the appropriate behavior without involving any physical abuse . A week doesn’t go by without a cell phone for must teenagers is the most horrific punishment that a parent can give to a kid ; while methods of teaching basic disciplines are not being used by most parents . Some parents choose to beat kids because in their mind that is the best way to teach dicpline ; for example my mother once beat me so hard because I fought in school that I passed out for hours and my little sister called the police . Just like this woman killed her son to death that could of be me years ago , simply because my mother didn’t have the knowledge to talk to me and explain me the consequences if I ever fight in school again . I still can’t get over the fact that my mother mentioned that the day she will stop beating me is the day I move out of her house ; I found that very ignorant and so not intelligent that my mother believe in corporal punishment .